Pre-opus numbered works (Pre-op) are selected from the group of pre-mature composition, written mainly during conservatory years of 1990-1996. 

Opus numbered works (Op) are outstanding numbers from the Oeuvre . Opp.1-10 were written during academy years of 1996-2005.

Without opus number works (Wop) are of less importance or significance for the composer.


1. Pre-opus numbered works (Pre-op) - selection (1991-1996)

Pre-op.1     Three peasant songs for mixed choir (1991, rev.1999, 8´) PERFORMABLE

Pre-op.2     Wind quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon (1992, 17´) withdrawn

Pre-op.3     String quartet (early quartet no.1) (1993, rev.2014, 16´) PERFORMABLE             

Pre-op.4     Suita Fonica for flute, clarinet, violin and horn (1994, rev.1999, 11´) PERFORMABLE                  

Pre-op.5     Doppio “M” concerto for oboe, clarinet, 2 bassoons and piano (1994-5, 13´) withdrawn     

Pre-op.6     Songs about Love  for baritone and ensemble (clarinet,violin,piano) (1995, 8´) + withdrawn                

Pre-op.7     Chamber symphony in 1 movement for small orchestra (1995, 10´) + withdrawn       

Pre-op.8     String quartet (early quartet no.2) (1996, 20´) to be revised

Pre-op.9     34 Piano pieces incl. Bromhexin for piano 4 hands (1993, 5´) and Sonatina for piano (1996, 9´) (1993-96, ca.60´) to be collected and revised                                                            


2. Opus numbered works (Op) (1996-2019)

Op.1     Violino solo for solo violin (1996, rev.2001/2010, 8´30´´) *  PERFORMABLE                                       

              CD: Milan Paľa Violino solo 2 (PR 2010)


Op.2     Sonata-variations for clarinet and piano (1998, 10´) *  PERFORMABLE                                        

              CD: Chant d´Amour (MI 2006)

              Reichenau city Prize 1998: 2nd prize

Op.2b   Concertino  (Variations) for clarinet and chamber orchestra (orchestration and revision of Op.2) (2018-19, 12:00) PERFORMABLE


Op.3     Chant d'Amour for two violas, two cellos and piano (1999, 17´30´´) *  PERFORMABLE                   

              CD: Chant d´Amour (MI 2006)

              Honorable mention at L.Kubik International Competition 2000, Florida, USA

Op.4     Seven bagatelles for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1999-2000, 13´30´´) * PERFORMABLE          

              CD: Societa Rigata 7 through 5 (SR 2001)

              SOZA Prize 2001


Op.5     Mo(o)nical(l) - ritual for solo flute (2001-2, rev.2003, 11´30´´) *   to be revised                                           

              CD: Chant d´Amour (MI 2006)

Op.6     Dickinson songs for soprano and prepared piano (2002-3, rev.2005/7, 13´30´´) * PERFORMABLE    

              CD: Soozvuk (HF 2006)


Op.7     Quaoar for four percussion players (2003, 13´) +  to be rewritten                                             

              Commissioned by festival Melos-Etos 2003 for Schlagquartet Koln

Op.8     Langsamer satz for string trio (2003, rev.2004, 11´) +  PERFORMABLE                                        

Op.9     Flat Lands and Plains version for nine instruments (2005, 16´30´´) */+  PERFORMABLE

              CD: melos ethos ensemble (HC 2005)


Op.9b   Flat Lands and Plains version for six instruments (2010, 17´30´´) +  PERFORMABLE 

Op.9c    Flat Lands and Plains (Chamber symphony no.1) version for large ensemble (2011, 17´) +  withdrawn                       

Op.10    Aria (for Lotz trio) for three basset-horns (2005, 7:30) * PERFORMABLE

              CD: Lotz Trio (HF 2008)


Op.11    Two pictures: No.1 Lavender Mist (as Op.11 No.1) and

                                        No.2 Birds´n´Fishes  (as Op.11 No.2) for small orchestra

                                        (formerly as Metamorphoses Nocturnes) (2006-9/rev.2019, 6´+ 9´) 

               Josef Bulva Fundation Prize 2005: Commission of orchestral piece / revisions in preparation

Op.12    The Wrath Sessions I for 9 players (2008, 8´)+ PERFORMABLE

               Commissioned by festival Evenings of New Music 2008 

Op.13    Candide overture for large orchestra (2008/10, rev.2016, 6´30´´) +  PERFORMABLE                             

Op.14    Ciaccona (sonata no.1) for solo violin (2010-12, 25´)   PERFORMABLE

Op.15    PRINCIPIUM (No.1 from HEPTACON CYCLE) for viola and 6 players (flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, violin and cello)  

               (2012, 9-10´)  PERFORMABLE

               Slovak music bridge Commission

Op.16    Another seven bagatelles for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassclarinet, horn and bassoon (2012/2013, 18´)  + PERFORMABLE

Op.17    EXSTINCTIO - Lament concerto (MILANOLO CONCERTO No.1) for milano) and string orchestra (2012/2013, 21´)   

Op.18    Lost Sonata  for violin and piano (Part 1: 2014, 16´; Part 2: ) work in progress, 1st part PERFORMABLE

Op.19    PhlegmAcc (nucleus) for accordion solo (2015, 9´) PERFORMABLE

               Milan Osadský Commission

Op.20    OMAYRA – requiem concerto (MILANOLO CONCERTO No.2) for milanolo and strings (2015, rev.2017-18, 23´) PERFORMABLE

Op.21    Gottgefällig – music theatre in 5 scenes with prologue and epilogue for 8 soloists, chamber double-choir and orchestra                                                                     State Theatre Košice Commission                                                             (divided in 3 groups) with sampler/electronics (2015-16, 70´)  TO BE REVISED


Op.22    "Jánošík" (incidental music for theatre play in three parts)  for 2 solo voices, mixed choir and chamber orchestra (2016-17, 33´)  to be expanded                         Andrej Bagar Theatre Nitra Commission PERFORMABLE

Op.23    ELOGIARIA - hommage variations on Haendel´s "Lascia ch´Io pianga" for solo violin (2017, Mexico version: 8:00)  to be completed/PERFORMABLE

Op.24a  HORROW (WaldEnd) studio composition for clarinet/bassclarinet, strings and electronics (2017, 12:30)

               Commissioned by and composed for Branislav Dugovič´s album: CROSS  COUNTRY SKIING (2018)

Op.24b  WALDEN (initialisation) for bassclarinet and string quartet (2017, 12:00 )  PERFORMABLE (cycle will be expanded)

Op.25    VERTIGO  (No.7 of HEPTACON cycle) for violin and ensemble of 16 players (2018, 16´)  PERFORMABLE

                Commissioned by Brno Contemporary Orchestra

Op.25b  ZÁVRAT -  Concerto for violin and orchestra  (2018, 18:30) - arrangement of Op.25  PERFORMABLE


Op.26   The Circle of Eternity for Organ and 9 solo strings (or string orchestra) (new version of Wop.5) (2018, 16:30)  PERFORMABLE

Op.27    De Brevitate Vitae (Symphoniae) for large orchestra with organ in two parts (2019, 18´) 

               Komensky University Bratislava Commission for it´s centenary

3. Works without opus numbers (Wop) (1996-2019)

Wop.1   String quartet (early quartet no.3) (1997-98, 21´) to be revised  

Wop.2   Sonata movement for clarinet and piano (1997, 8:30) [1]   to be revised                                                                            

Wop.3   Elegia in memoriam for piano solo (1998, 8´30´´) *   PERFORMABLE                                                      

              CD: Chant d´Amour (MI 2006)

Wop.4   after GONE for two accordions (1999, 8:30) *  PERFORMABLE

              CD: Chant d´Amour (MI 2006)

Wop.5   The Circle for organ and string quintet/orchestra (2000, rev.2001, 17:30)  withdrawn

Wop.6   An autumn wan (notturno no.1) for flute, cimbalom & viola (2001, rev.2002, 6´) to be revised

              CD: Chant d´Amour (MI 2006)

Wop.7   From fater to son (notturno no.2) for piano trio (2000, rev.2002, 7:30)  to be revised                     

              CD: Chant d´Amour (MI 2006)

Wop.8   Seven through five (notturno no.3) for wind quartet and piano (2001, 2:30)  to be revised        

              CD: Societa Rigata 7 through 5 (SR 2001)

Wop.9   String trio (2001, 14´)[2] withdrawn

              1st Prize in ORFEUS composition compettion 2001

Wop.10 veni´s marchin´on (an anthem) for 9 players (2002-3,15´)[3] withdrawn

Wop.10 Les fleurs des ondes (notturno no.4) for bass-flute, accordion, cimbalom and piano (2003, rev.2004, 15:30) to be revised

Wop.11 Roviny a pláne (notturno no.5) for cl., vn., va., vc. and pn. (2003, 15´) to be revised (see Opp.9a and 9b)

              Opera Aperta Commission 2003

Wop.12 Fragment I (of a gently flowing movement)  for piano solo (2004, 4:30)  withdrawn

              CD: Toneroads: Daan Vandevalle (2004)

Wop.13 Scarse resembleance (notturno no.6) for accordion and cello (2006, 8´)  to be revised        

              CD: Visions (Prochác, Kákoni) (Diskant 2006)

Wop.14 Mo(o)nical(l) trio for flute, accordion and piano (2007, 12´) withdrawn

Wop.15 Fragment II (variations) for piano solo (2007, 5:30)  withdrawn

              CD: Kvintové variácie slovenských skladateľov (2011)  

Wop.16 Rev (Roar) for four cellos (2007, 8´)  PERFORMABLE                                                                       

Wop.17 Adieu... for solo cello (2008, rev.2014 for viola by M.Paľa, 7´-8´)  PERFORMABLE    

Wop.18 Three sketches for accordion solo (2009, 9´)[4]  PERFORMABLE

Wop.19 Cadenza to Beethoven´s Violin concerto op.61 first movement (2011, 3´)  PERFORMABLE

Wop.20 The reVENIers for ensemble (14 players) (2002-3/2005/2007/2012, 13´)[5] + PERFORMABLE

Wop.21 deadline:aria open score for cello (viola, violin) and open ensemble (2012, rev.2015, 13´) PERFORMABLE

              CD: VENI ACADEMY: The Rolling Tones/In Zarter Bewegung  (ISCM SS 2013)

Wop.22 Blank Page/Hidden Soul  for piano and electronics (2013, 1:00-infinite)  PERFORMABLE

Wop.23 Canine shenanigan´songs for singing actor and ensemble (violin, accordion, piano, doublebass) (2014/16, 15´)  to be revised

Wop.24 Phew (The Wrath Sessions II) for flute/bassflute, clarinet/bassclarinet, accordion, piano and doublebass (2014, 9´)  PERFORMABLE

              CONTEMPULS 2014 Commission for Phace ensemble Wien          

Wop.25 Sonata brevis for 4 double-basses (2015, 7´)  PERFORMABLE

              BassBand Commission

              CD: Bass-band (2015): Movement 3 “Fuga”

Wop.26 EMMERT  for milanolo solo (2016, 4´)  PERFORMABLE

              CD: Milan Pala: MILANOLO (2016)

Wop.27 ROBME Z TOHO VEDU - Pilot (sountrack) for chamber orchestra (2017, 4:40) withdrawn

Wop.28 Three tunes and odd tracks - music for Joel Pommerat´s theatre play  La Réunification des deux Corées (2018, ca.70´) 

               Commissioned by State Theatre Košice 2018

Wop.29 Noch langsamer satz for violin and string trio (other version of Op.8) (2010, rev.2017, 11´) PERFORMABLE

Wop.30 NARCISSUS for violin and electronics (2018, 5:00)  PERFORMABLE

Wop.31 melo-die for clarinet and electronic piano (or organ) with electronics (ad lib.) (2019, open duration) 

Wop.32 Euripides: Bacchae - incidental music (saxophones, percussion, electronics, samples including fragments of Opp.2, 11, 12, 16, 25) (2019, ca.53´)

               Commissioned by Slovak National Theatre 2019

Wop.33 The Morrison Trilogy for 12 mixed solo voices (or chamber choir) and ensemble (2003-6/2012/2018-19) in process

               no.1 Nostalgía for 12 mixed solo voices and viola with cello (=Budapest version)/solo viola (=orig.version) 7:00  to be revised

               no.2 Two Moments of Freedom for 12 mixed solo voices (or chamber choir) and two flutes (also alto), viola, cello and organ

                                                                    (=Budapest version)/bassclarinet and viola (=orig.version) 4:00 (1:30+2:30) to be revised

               no.3 Power for 8 part mixed choir and ensemble (Budapest version: 2 flutes, viola, cello, organ/orig.version: bassclarinet, trombone, viola) ca.5:00

                        in preparation

4. Arrangement works (Arr-op) (2008-19):

Arr-op.1   V.Bellini: Recitativo e Canzonetta di Jullietta for chamber orchestra (2008)

Arr-op.2   I.Zeljenka: Concertino for clarinet and strings for clarinet and piano (2009-10)

Arr-op.3   Ilja Zeljenka: Fanfares II a III for brass quintet (2010)

                  Commissioned by Slovak Musik Fund

Arr-op.4   Giann Carlo Menotti: Amelia al ballo for chamber orchestra (score only as retouch marks in printed original score) (2012)

Arr-op.5   Igor Stravinsky: Greeting prelude for ensemble (14 players) (2013)

Arr-op.6   Antonín Dvořák: Rusalka op.114 - opera  (version for chamber orchestra) (2014, ca.150´)

                  Commissioned by Theatre Biel/Solothurn 2014

Arr-op.7   W.A.Mozart: Soave sia il vento; Ah perdona a primo affetto for 3 bassett-horns (2014, 3´ and 3´)

Arr-op.8   Solo for Raffaela (from ballet Bayadére of Ludwig Minkus) for small orchestra (2015)

                  Commissioned by Raffaela Pegani

Arr-op.9   „O Mensch! Gib Acht!“ by Gustav Mahler (Symphony no.3, movement 4) for voice and ensemble (15 players) (2015)

                  Commissioned by Kaspar Zehnder and Brigitte Hool 

Arr.-op.10 „The Hoffmann´s Tale” – theatrical spectacle (on J.Offenbach´s opera) for singer, speaker ad lib., speaking conductor  and small

                  ensemble with live electronics (2015, ca.60´)

                  Commissioned by Ensemble Paul Klee Bern 

Arr.-op.11 Camille Saint-Saëns: Danse macabre for small ensemble (fl,cl,pn,vn,vc,db) (2016, 7:30)

                  Commissioned by Ensemble Paul Klee Bern

Arr.-op.12 Paul Dukas: L´Apprenti sorcier for small ensemble (fl,cl,pn,vn,vc,db) (2016, 11´)

                  Commissioned by Ensemble Paul Klee Bern

Arr.-op.13 P.I.Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker - suite for puppet theatre for small ensemble (fl, cl, pn, vn, va, vc, db) (2016, ca.30´)

                   Commissioned Ensemble Paul Klee Bern

Arr.-op.14 H.Wolf: Das Verlassene Mägdlein - 3 versions: for orchestra, for large ensemble, for small ensemble (2016-17, ca.5´each)

Arr.-op.15 GET AMERICAN - suite for 7 players (works by Ives, Gershwin, Cage, Feldman, Copland, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Bartok, Martinu,

                                                 Eisler, Korngold) (2017, 60´)

                   Commissioned by Ensemble Paul Klee Bern

Arr.-op.16 G.Rossini: Il Signor Bruschino - opera (version for 11 players) (2017, ca.80´) 

Arr.-op.17 "The Cunning Little Wixen Stories" – chamber operatic version of L. Janáček´s opera for 2 singers, actor  and small ensemble  (2018, ca.60´)

                   Commissioned by Ensemble Paul Klee Bern

Arr.-op.18  Beethoven: Violin concerto op.61 for ensemble of 18 players (2019) in progress 

Arr.-op.19  Schumann: Violin concerto after Cello concerto op.129 for ensemble of 19 players (2019) in preparation

Arr.-op.20  Brahms: Violin concerto op.77 for ensemble of 20 players (2019) in preparation

5. Revisional works (Rev-op) (2017-18):

Rev-op.1    Jozef Grešák: Zuzanka Hraškovie - chamber opera  for voice and orchestra (performing version of the entire score, 2017, 20´)

Rev-op.2    Juraj Beneš: When music... for chamber orchestra (performing version of the score, 2018, 6´)

6. Joined works (J-op) as part of the compositional team (2019):

J-op.1          Sonata "Lacrimosa" for solo violin (together with Pascal Manolios, Andrián Demoč and Matej Haász) (2019) in progress

[1] Second theme reused in Sonata-variations (1998).

[2] Material reused in Langsamer satz (2003, rev.2004)

[3] Jan Levoslav Bella Prize 2003 of SOZA. Later revised as the reVENIers (2012).

[4] This piece reuses material of Accordion solo, an unfinished project of large solo piece dated 2004-6.

[5] Final revision of veni´s marchin´on (an anthem).

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